Civil Service

The General Directorate of public service is a steering body attached to the secretariat of state public Role of the proposal and implementation of government policy in the field of public service and public employment.

Recent developments


Days of capturing of talent of this week:

Ilustre Colegio Oficial de veterinaris de Lugo, 29 november

University of Granada, 30 november

University of Oviedo, 1 decembersoon ousted soon ousted ousted made map

University of Girona, 2 december


New video for social networks of the ministry of finance and Public Service to publicize the Public Employment

Video Jover Maite, employed in the department of technical documentation and the Museo del Prado


New logo of “ Public Employment ”

It has released new logo of “ Public Employment ” with a new image renewed, which will serve to provide the General state administration of a stamp, recognizable only attraction and identifiable as public employer singularice and highlight the role of the General state administration in many areas.

Logo Public Employment

Spot of attraction of talent in the public administrations # UnRetoparaTi # UnaMejoraParaTodos, ministry of finance and Public Service to attract talent to the public administrations

Spot "# UnRetoParaTi # UnaMejoraParaTodos"

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